Out on the Boats

If you have read the book you will know there is quite the boat chase, so I took my family out for a bit of research. Not so many explosions though :D

We had the boat to ourselves and made our way to the end of the harbour for 9am. Our skipper was Ben and his company is Mevagissey Sea Safaris. The sea was like glass and we headed off in search of the horizon.

The gannets were flying south so we followed them beyond the Dodman Point and were soon rewarded with the sight of porpoises jumping in and out of the water. A little while later we were lucky enough to spot a minke whale. Ben doesn’t believe in chasing the wildlife so he stopped the engine and waited to see if the whale wanted to come closer and explore. Sadly, she didn’t but we all approved of Ben’s actions. We are guests in their home after all.

If you would like to see a closer encounter, read about one in the link below. A local kayaker went out into the bay, leaving from Fowey, rather than Mevagissey, and had a much closer experience. It could even have been the same whale that we saw. Albeit from a distance. The Lone Kayaker

As we headed back, a seal came and swam alongside for a bit which was brilliant, then we explored the coastline and said hi to a few passing sailors and fishermen.

Finally, before we headed back into the harbour, Ben threw the boat into a few figure eights and I’m sure our laughter could be heard back in the village.

Eventually, the experience was over and we all went home fizzing with energy. Honestly, there really is nothing half so much fun as messing about on boats.

Out on the Boats